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Root Canals

Rowlett Root CanalsAs proponents of conservative dental solutions, we preserve natural tooth structure whenever possible. If you have an internally damaged tooth, a root canal can eliminate pain and infection to let you keep your tooth – preventing extraction and the need for a prosthetic. Using modern techniques and a gentle touch, the dentists make root canal therapy a comfortable, positive experience.

When the canals that lead from the tooth pulp (commonly called the nerve) to the root sustain damage, they can become infected. Common causes of internal tooth damage include a deep cavity, tooth fracture, and dental trauma. At the onset of infection, pain and pressure occurs. Tooth, bone, and gum loss may result if treatment isn’t sought.

A root canal eliminates infection and retains tooth structure. Following removal of diseased matter, the dentist inserts a biocompatible filler into the canals of the tooth, then seals the tooth with a custom crown that looks natural and restores oral comfort and function.

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